This is our 10th year for Heat the Town and we could not possibly service the many people we do without the support of people like you (SuperTec Heating & Cooling).

You are what makes ACCA great.

Thank you!
Christine Rausch
Executive Assistant to the Board
ACCA Central Ohio

Review by: Gary
I want to say that Cham the ServiceMagic Approved Contractor was EXCEPTIONAL! He is without a doubt such a huge asset to any household that is having heating or air conditioning issues . He is extremely knowledgeable and knows this business inside and out. Many other companies are quick to come out and immediately recommend that the customer needs a brand new ac unit or furnace. Cham is different. He understands that many people are having rough times financially and he is an honest Man. He eliminates EVERY single factor that may be causing a problem before giving a definitive answer that an expensive part will be needed to fix the problem. Great Great job Cham! He replaced my compressor on my a/c unit and the cold air is blowing out better than it ever did. BTW the compressor that was just replaced was 16 years old. If you want to get an honest opinion about your heating and/or cooling issues, timely service and very reasonable prices then call SuperTech Heating and cooling! Thanks Cham!

Review by: J. D.
Cham notified me within 24 hours and solved the problem. He was very honest and professional in his work. I highly recommend him.

Review by: Shawn B.
I cannot express how satisfied I am with service provided by SuperTec. They immediately contacted me after my request for a quote. His was very economically priced and the quality of his work was superior to his competitors. SuperTec will now provide me with all my HVAC needs and I will make sure that I recommend him to all my family and friends. Thank you again for the service you provided.

Review by: Sandeep M.
Thank you all for your honest evaluation & check today. By far the best experience I had so far bringing all ideas / thoughts together around this old house!

Review by: Lance S.
Their service was fantastic. It is the best I ever had. They came on time, got the job done, were very professional and it was affordable. I would absolutely use
them again.

The price was fair. The service was great! Everything went perfect. There were no surprises. I am a happy customer and will recommend SuperTec to my friends and family.

"Took the time on a Sunday to help with a commercial cooler over the phone. Showed up bright and early Monday a.m. to test it out. Excellent experience".!!

"Thanks again for your time today. It is much appreciated. Joe".

Review by: Customer
"Early February my furnace stopped working. I had no heat. I called SuperTec Heating and Cooling they came out within hours the same day. The technician looked at my furnace and found that not only was my line from my thermostat broken in the wall somewhere but also someone prior had done some bad wiring inside the furnace which had shorted out my transformer. He was very thorough and took the time to explain to me exactly what he was doing as well as showing me, through a number of tests, exactly how he knew what was the problem. He ran new wire for me from my thermostat on the first floor to the furnace in the basement, installed a new transformer, and correctly wired my fan limit switch to my gas valve. He turned the system back on and it worked. Needless to say I was very happy. This particular day was a very cold one and now I had heat. Thanks Supertec Heating and Cooling! I will definitely refer this company."

Review by: Customer
"Replaced a part that had been replaced by same company last year. Didn't charge for the part or the service call since it had only been a year since the part was originally replaced."
"Went great. Good service."

Review by: Customer
"Supertec Heating and Cooling had done work for me. On their previous visit they warned me that they felt my blower motor may soon need to be replaced. They said it was basically working too hard, not running properly and on its last leg. Well at the time I thought I could put it off. I just didn't want to spend the money for it. Well, recently, as I had been told may happen, my blower motor made a number of loud wining noises and then stopped. I called SuperTec on Friday around noon and they were at my house very quickly. Again, the technician did a few tests, confirming that my motor was indeed dead. He took the old one out, put a new one in along with a new capacitor, flipped the switch and I had air again. One thing that I will say is that the new motor is quieter than my old motor ever was. Everything works perfectly. I am definitely a happy customer. I mean these guys really know their stuff."


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